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At the end of the 90s, the sewing machine manufacturers followed the leather, shoe and garment industry to the Fare East. Many Chinese sewing machine firms created joint venture agreements and/or founded their own production plants.
From one of these German companies , MAUSER SPECIAL emerged. Early 2014 the MAUSER factory was integrated in the Shang Gong Group and as a consequence the leading management and some key staff left the company and made a decision to establish the new company “ KAiSER Industrial “.
This experienced team, highly trained and educated, now accepts the challenge of meeting the high standards of quality production and reliable delivery dates.
The name of the company “ KAiSER Industrial “ refers to German ideas and values such as traditions, quality, fair prices, timely delivery and reliable service.
German know-how in the development of a consistent quality assurance with German standard, coupled with the production and procurement opportunities in China that will guarantee products of the highest functionality and lead to an excellent price-performance ratio.
1. Providing high class spare parts with extreme durability and
Moderate price, both for their own products under the brand name of KAiSER-LEATHER
machines or according to customer request.
2. The delivery of machinery for leather and foot wear industry is of the highest quality and with an excellent price-performance ratio by today’s specific needs.
3. Professional and reliable service by selected retailers and with strong support from service department of the parent plant.
The KAiSER-LEATHER program includes machines for the sewing industry like Flatbed, Free Arm and mechanical Post Bed machines up to electronically controlled Post Bed machines for the highest requirement. The products obtained are all with or without thread cutter and are available in different sub-classes.
We will develop and complete our machines program continuously.
Present machine program mechanical
333/335 Free Arm machine
1243/1245/1246 Flat Bed machine
571 Post Bed left
574 Post Bed 2 needle
591 Post Bed right
(571 is also available with side trimmer /725)
Present machine program electronic with modern fast step motors
3834 Intergated sewing unit for programmed fullness control
1571 Post Bed left
1574 Post Bed 2 needle
1571 Post Bed right
(1571 is also available with side trimmer /725)
KAiSER can also deliver all necessary sub-classes for above machines.
The machines will be fitted and delivered with the top electronics and motors of the German Drive Specialists EFKA . This provides reliable functionality and meets the multiple requirements of the modern shoe and leather production.
Behind the brand name “KAiSER-LEATHER” are qualified experts at the production site in China and in Europe as well.
Our new and professional team will always provide you the needed skills for your requirement.

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