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Product Range-Post Bed Machine--570/590/1570/1590


♦New high-class design of this classic KAiSER machine for the shoe industry

♦Top-quality for all assembly and decorative seams

♦Simple adjustment of seam programmes and seam distances via control panel

♦"Stitch in stitch" backtacking-no perforation of material

♦Easily adjustable thread trimmer for short thread ends (up to 15/3 syn)

♦Overload cltuch for hook protection

♦A multi-function switch with pre-programmed functions is integrated in the sewing head

   - Reverse sewing/intermediate tacking

   - Backtack inversion

   - Needle up,without trimming

♦The LED light,which is built into the sewing head, creats optimum illumination of the sewing area

♦No compressed air required

♦Driven roller preser with presser foot and integrated edge guide-can be set to side of needle

   (two-needle version)

♦Needle guage alterations in the range from 1.6-2.0 or 2.0-2.4mm are possible by simply adjusting the needle holder

   (two-needle version)

♦Subclass -725/04: Edge trimming mechanism, bottom driven

ADDITIONAL FEATURES of THE 1571/1574/1591:

♦Guaranteed and process secured "stitch in stitch" backtacking-no perforation of material

♦Exact accurate stitch length can be produced at any time

♦Stitch length programming with different stitch lengths+programming of backtack stitch via control panel

♦Active differential feed (can be called anytime during sewing)

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